Zenfie affiliation programme

How to join Zenfie affiliation programme ?

  • When you recommend Zenfie, communicate your affiliation link. Sponsored users need to register on the site before downloading the application

  • For each new subscription, you gather Zenfie points

  • You can them redeem your Zenfie points and get prizes

How are Zenfie points computed ?

  • You get 5000 points for each new yearly subscription, 2000 for each six month subscription, and 500 for each monthly subscription

  • Sponsored users also get 100 points when they registrer and 200 to 2000 points when they subscribe

Redeem your Zenfie points

  • 10 € paid back on your PayPal account for 10000 points

  • 15 € gift card for 10000 points at our Zen partners (contact our client team)

  • A Zenfie gift card worth 35.99 € for 20000 points, a life long access to Zenfie for 50000 points.
Contact our client team by email to redeem your Zenfie points.